New Chapter Installed at University of California Davis!

Posted by Luke Minton on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at 3:37 pm

On the campus of University of California Davis there is a new Greek Chapter! For a school that has a great program for Greek life the news is very exciting. On Friday November 11th the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity initiated California Epsilon! The very next day, Saturday November 12th, the Chapter was officially installed.

Members of California Epsilon

4-Greeks had the privilege of interviewing Phil Chu, the Public Relations chair and new Brother of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.  Phil Chu decided to go Greek as a transfer because he saw the benefits of having a large pool of friends to collaborate with and to expand his social and professional network. When asked “Why Phi Delta Theta?” Phil responded by explaining “I chose Phi Delta Theta for two reasons. First, because my brothers are all great people–unique individuals who are not only leaders but who are genuinely kind and hardworking and represent a diverse range of backgrounds. Second, because being a founding father gave me the opportunity to start something new and to form the foundations of an organization that I could one day look back on with pride.”.

The Newest Members of Phi Delta Theta

The process in becoming a Chapter is a long journey. There is a required number of members needed in a colony as well as a needed collective grade point average, community service hours, and countless hours of work and collaboration. The newest Chapter of Phi Delta Theta is currently at 46 members. They are already a very goal oriented Chapter as Phil states “We hope to rebuild our chapter house for next year, have at least 10 members become Iron Phi’s, and reach 60 members by the end of this year”.” 4-Greeks would like to formally congratulate these new men on their success and their further progress.