Theta Chi Tahoe Formal – Chico State

Posted by Luke Minton on Monday, April 25th, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Theta Chi Formal Chico State

Theta Chi Tahoe Formal

Theta Chi celebrated the initiation of another pledge class by having their annual formal at Lakeland Village in South Shore, Tahoe. The highly anticipated event lived up to expectations and perhaps exceeded them.

The brothers and their date’s caravanned from Chico to Tahoe Saturday morning in time

Theta Chi Formal Chico State

Theta Chi's dates dancing

to eat out or stay in and prepare dinner at their respected cabins. Promptly after, the festivities began as the dates got into their formal attire and prepared for the night. Buses began shuttling the dates downtown at 10, where the couples could dance the night away with Theta Chi’s very own Team No Sleep or they could win (or lose!) big at the casino and bar area. The event lasted until 2 am and check out time was at 11 am sharp on Sunday. Overall the event was an epic success and something that the brothers of Theta Chi will remember for a long time to come!