Alpha Sigma Phi: Paintball Trip – Chico State

Posted by Scott Chalmers on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at 6:36 pm

Alpha Sigma Phi Chico State Paintball Video from 4-Greeks on Vimeo.

Last Saturday Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity went on a brotherhood outing to the Oroville Paintball Combat Zone. The brothers used the war games to work on their team building skills by using effective communication to work together to accomplish their objectives in the best way possible.

The general consensus from the brothers was nothing helps you get to know someone more than when you are pinned down together behind a dirt mound with paint balls

flying over your head.

Alpha Sigma Phi was the largest group out on the field on Saturday, with most of the fraternity in attendance. At the end of the day the Brothers were going to sing “For He’s an Alpha Sig” but a full day of paintball combat can really take the energy out of you. Overall it was a great day of fun and the brothers bonded through paint, sweat, and sandwiches.

The Alpha Sigs are rumored to be planning to make this paintball experience a semester event, so if you see an Alpha Sig go ahead and ask them about their combat experience.