Greek Week Chico State

Greek Week has finally come to an end. I love the 90s Greekelodeon brought together Greek organizations in order to raise money for Habitat for Humanity and Boys and Girls Club. The week began with the Parade of Lights, which is a parade that goes through downtown Chico. Team Are You Afraid of the Dark won with their spooky float covered with zombies, lit up letters and a haunted house. The blood drive on Monday and Tuesday was a huge success. Alpha Gamma Delta had more than 80 people donate their blood and other chapters were not too far behind.

Alpha Sigma Phi Winners of Diamonds are Forever

Thursday the 21st of April was the final conclusion of the Diamond days philanthropic events when the 1st place winners of Diamond Days (Alpha Sigma Phi) where granted a social with Alpha Delta Pi .   The theme for the dance was “The Game of Life” as in the board game, that most of us played while having no idea how hard it was to actually is pay off the college loans that you got on life cards. The costumes where great and Alpha Sigma Phi could not help but to sing a few songs while preparing to go to...

It was a very windy Friday afternoon this past week as the opening round of the fraternity softball playoffs kicked off. It was a great day for softball regardless of the weather, as three of the four games were decided by one run. The first game was between Sigma Pi and Alpha Sigma Phi. Sigma Pi jumped out early and led practically the entire game, but a late rally with the bases loaded by Alpha Sig won them the game in the final inning by a score of 10-8. The second game of the afternoon was between Sigma Nu and...

It was a great day to be involved in Greek athletics this past Friday. The afternoon featured two semi-final games, a home run derby, and the championship game. The home run derby competition was in honor of Gunnar Sandberg, whose inspirational comeback after being struck in the head by a baseball about a year ago, has impacted many students at Chico State. Next spring, the first annual Gunnar Sandberg award will be given out this event to an inspirational Chico State student.

Alpha Sigma Phi held their first Black & White formal this past weekend at Studio One Ballroom in downtown Chico. The Alpha Sig’s were fortunate enough to use this nice brand new venue that is located on Wall Street.

This past weekend, April 15th-16th, 12 men were initiated into Alpha Sigma Phi. These new brothers make up Alpha Sigma Phi’s Delta class, and now puts the fraternity at 61 members! During the pledge process, these men successfully put on a canned food drive benefiting the Torres Shelter, as well as a book drive benefiting Citrus Elementary. They have all worked very hard, and Alpha Sigma Phi couldn’t be more excited and proud of their new brothers. Congrats Delta Class!

Theta Chi vs Phi Delta Theta Playoff Basketball

Acker gym was filled with an electric atmosphere on Wednesday, April 14th, the opening round of fraternity intramural playoffs. All teams entered with a go big or go home attitude, knowing that the result of each game would determine the fate of the their 2011 season. Sigma Chi vs. Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Chi vs. Kappa Sigma The evening begun with a game at 7:00 that included 9-seed Sigma Chi vs. 8-seed Phi Kappa Tau. Since these two teams were the lowest seeds, the winner was scheduled to play Kappa Sigma at 11:00. Even though one of the teams would...

Alpha Sigma Phi contributing to the tournament

The Chico State women’s basketball team held a three on three basketball tournament on Saturday, April 16th in Acker Gym in order to raise funds for the Chico State team. Amy Conroy, the assistant head coach of the women’s team, decided to put on this event and was assisted by brothers Ryan Giordano and Ryan Flynn of Phi Delta Theta in the early stages of development.

Alpha Sigma Phi Winners of Diamonds are Forever

Alpha Delta Pi, Eta Rho Chapter, introduced their first Diamonds are Forever Days philanthropic event this past weekend. This weekend-long competition between the Fraternities helped their efforts to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. The Olympics Day was held on Saturday with activities ranging from tug-o-war to a 10-man pyramid where the boys memorized and sang an ADPi chant while in their pyramid.

Alpha Sigma Phi Chico State

On Friday April 8th, the brothers of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity added new members to their growing families. The brothers scaled the monkey face in upper Bidwell park at sunset and waited for the Delta pledge class to arrive. Soon after the ceremony was complete, the new Bigs and Littles were off on their way to continue to strengthen their family ties

Sigma Chi vs. Theta Chi Basketball 4/6

Week 5 of Fraternity basketball started with Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Nu. When the second half buzzer rang, the game went to PIKE with a 42-29 win over Sigma Nu. Sigma Nu’s shooting game was no match for PIKE’s heavy defense.

Alpha Sigma Phi Chico State Paintball Video from 4-Greeks on Vimeo. Last Saturday Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity went on a brotherhood outing to the Oroville Paintball Combat Zone. The brothers used the war games to work on their team building skills by using effective communication to work together to accomplish their objectives in the best way possible. The general consensus from the brothers was nothing helps you get to know someone more than when you are pinned down together behind a dirt mound with paint balls flying over your head. Alpha Sigma Phi was the largest group out on the...

Chico State Intermurals 3-30 Phi Kappa Tau vs Pike

This week of fraternity intramural basketball began with a matchup between Sigma Nu and Sigma Chi. Sigma Nu had a great shooting game, and pulled away in the second half getting the win with a score of 32-20. Sigma Chi looks to get back on track hoping for a win against Theta Chi on April 6th. Sigma Nu got their second win, and will face Pi Kappa Alpha on April 6th as well. Then, in a battle of the unbeatens, Kappa Sigma pulled through to defeat Theta Chi. The crowd for this game was loud and the game was definitely...

4 Greeks Director Brian Sweat Taking Photos of the Models

On Sunday March 27th, several fraternities and sororities from the Chico State campus got together at Dragon Graphics to photograph every shirt that Dragon Graphics has ever produced for each chapter. Each chapter brought in a model picked from within their ranks that wore all of that chapters apparel for the photo shoot. For the upcoming socials, the Greek Community will be able to look at the pictures from the photo shoot to decide what brand and shirt style they want to use. All in all the photo shoot took about three and a half hours which was not a...

It was an especially great day to be an Alpha Sig this past Saturday, as “The Revenge of the Nerds” themed t-shirt social took place at Arabian Nights.   The shirts were made through 4-Greeks, and those who attended were able to design and color their own shirts to make them unique. The event turned out to be a huge success, as the men of Alpha Sigma Phi and their dates rocked the taped glasses and suspenders for the night. A DJ was present and was kind enough to provide music for the nerds and nerdettes! This was Alpha Sigma...