This past Monday, November 7th 2011, was one of the most important days of the school year here at Chico State. It was a day where students came together from all different organizations, fraternities, and sororities to help get donations for the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Monday was the infamous Up ‘Til Dawn.  The theme was “Game On!” so students showed up not only in letters and Chico State attire, but football jerseys too. Frisbees, pizza, drinks, cinnamon bread, shirts, and so much more were given out to students who participated. The shirts were inspirational and made it clear what...

Greek Week Chico State

Greek Week has finally come to an end. I love the 90s Greekelodeon brought together Greek organizations in order to raise money for Habitat for Humanity and Boys and Girls Club. The week began with the Parade of Lights, which is a parade that goes through downtown Chico. Team Are You Afraid of the Dark won with their spooky float covered with zombies, lit up letters and a haunted house. The blood drive on Monday and Tuesday was a huge success. Alpha Gamma Delta had more than 80 people donate their blood and other chapters were not too far behind.

It’s that time of year again. The time when can you spot lit-up floats, donate to blood drives, get involved in community clean-ups, and are absolutely inundated with all those Greek letters. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Greek Week! This year, the theme is “I Love the 90s: Greekolodeon” and all the sororities and fraternities are divided into teams named after old nickelodeon shows, like “Rugrats” and “Rocket Power.”

Alpha Sigma Phi Winners of Diamonds are Forever

Thursday the 21st of April was the final conclusion of the Diamond days philanthropic events when the 1st place winners of Diamond Days (Alpha Sigma Phi) where granted a social with Alpha Delta Pi .   The theme for the dance was “The Game of Life” as in the board game, that most of us played while having no idea how hard it was to actually is pay off the college loans that you got on life cards. The costumes where great and Alpha Sigma Phi could not help but to sing a few songs while preparing to go to...

Alpha Sigma Phi held their first Black & White formal this past weekend at Studio One Ballroom in downtown Chico. The Alpha Sig’s were fortunate enough to use this nice brand new venue that is located on Wall Street.

Phi Delta Theta members at the white carnation ball with their dates

On Friday, May 6th, the men of Phi Delta Theta held their annual White Carnation formal. This year the venue was at Arabian Nights in downtown Chico. The doors opened at 9:30 and flooded with Fraternity members and their dates.

Newest pledge class of Phi Delta Theta

Phi Delta Theta – California Xi, welcomed their newest pledge class “S.A.B.A.K.T.E.S.” as brothers on Saturday, April 30th 2011. The class went through a ten week initiation process including fundraising, a rape prevention philanthropy, Gentlemen’s dinner and creating their step and shield. Twelve members filled the S.A.B.A.K.T.E.S. class: Ben Dieterle, Kyle Dailey, Juan Villalobos, Gabe Adley, Matt Lighthouse, Evan Smith, Keaton Bass, Brandon Palmer, Ken Carter, Milton Grant, Mitch Eggers, and Dillon Campos. Gabe Adley described the process as follows: “Pledging Phi Delta Theta has demonstrated the true reason and potential the greek community can convey to the individual, the...

Alpha Delta Pi Initiation Chico State

The new members of Alpha Delta Pi could not have been more excited about initiation week. The week started off with Black Diamond Ceremony and the Alphas gave their pledge pins back in exchange for their official badge.

Theta Chi Banner - 4 Greeks and Dragon Graphics

Every semester, the brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity devote a week of bonding with one another through competition called Red & White Week. The brothers are divided evenly into a Red Team (Team Freeman) and a White Team (Team Chase) named after Fredrick Norton Freeman and Arthur Samuel Chase, the founders of Theta Chi Fraternity. The teams could be distinguished by red and white tank tops made by 4 Greeks that the brothers sported all week long. Each day of the brotherhood, an event was held in which the two teams would compete against each other. On Monday the brothers...

London Long Associated Student President

Eight candidates running for AS positions this year had a background in Greek life. Of those eight candidates, four won their election. The presidency went to Alpha Delta Pi’s London Long as she edged out Jillian Ruddell with over 36% of the vote while Jill had 27.91%. Daniel Etheredge, of Delta Sigma Pi,

Theta Chi Formal Chico State

Theta Chi celebrated the initiation of another pledge class by having their annual formal at Lakeland Village in South Shore, Tahoe. The highly anticipated event lived up to expectations and perhaps exceeded them.

This past weekend, April 15th-16th, 12 men were initiated into Alpha Sigma Phi. These new brothers make up Alpha Sigma Phi’s Delta class, and now puts the fraternity at 61 members! During the pledge process, these men successfully put on a canned food drive benefiting the Torres Shelter, as well as a book drive benefiting Citrus Elementary. They have all worked very hard, and Alpha Sigma Phi couldn’t be more excited and proud of their new brothers. Congrats Delta Class!

Lindsey Siegel for A.S. President from 4-Greeks on Vimeo. Position Running For: President Ballot Number: 1 Greek Organization: Alpha Phi Favorite Quote: “The only real valuable thing is intuition” – Albert Einstein Contact her at Vote for Lindsey Siegel

London Long for A.S. President from 4-Greeks on Vimeo. Position Running For: President Ballot Number: 3 Greek Organization: Alpha Delta Pi Favorite Quote: “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” – Henry Ward Beecher Contact her at Vote for London Long

Order of Omega

Many Greeks here at Chico State are active members of their chapters and the campus community, all while achieving elevated Grade Point Averages (GPAs).  That is exactly what Order of Omegais for.  Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of Greek organizations.  The requirements for membership include 60 completed units of coursework and a minimum of a 2.75 cumulative GPA. Members of Order of Omega receive many benefits.  After paying the one time initiation fee of  $75.00, members receive the Order of Omega membership pin, cords for graduation, an induction certificate, and lifetime membership.  Order of Omega...

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